Fireplace Mantel Ideas – Creating Something Special

When you have space within a luxurious home or perhaps in a hotel, business, or office space, that requires attention to detail and outstanding architecture, you may wish to add a mantel to the area. A basic or boring fireplace can become an outstanding tool for creating sophistication and a unique, special area within the space. The key to making this work is to use fireplace mantel ideas that allow you to create something special.

Using Marble

There are a variety of materials you can use for a fireplace mantel. Many of them are designed to be functional, such as traditional wood. When you elevate the space, it is important to add stone, such as marble. As you consider the various fireplace mantel ideas available to you, find out just how well stone can fit with your goals.

Consider making this space special. Incorporate a French style look with solid white marble, for example, allowing the fireplace to become a true hearth to the home. Or, you can choose Italian quarried Carrara marble to create perhaps the most Romanesque look possible. There is a wide range of details you can add to these fireplaces to create a simple one of a kind look. For those who want something even more unique, think about the use of a have carved leaf décor using a marble that offers a bit more color than others – even a soft beige color allows this to become the center of any room.

There are many ways to transform a room, but the use of marble – or other stones – in a fireplace mantel is perhaps one of the unique. As you consider the various fireplace mantel ideas to get you started, think outside of the body. At Fine’s Gallery, we can help you capture the beauty you desire within this space.

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