Five Advantages of Working With a Social Security Lawyer

In order to win disability benefits, you have to have accumulated enough working years over the past 15 years. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for the SSI version, which pays significantly less. Whatever the case, if you have an injury or ailment that prevents you from working, it’s highly beneficial to hire a Social Security lawyer to help you. Here are some reasons why.

No Down Payment
While lawyers are expensive, your Social Security lawyer in Evanston will cost you nothing, unless you win your case. Other than that, he may also charge you a nominal fee for copies or other work he incurred for your case.

Most Social Security attorneys have lots of experience dealing with a variety of disability cases. The attorney you hire knows the process, what it takes to win and he likely has familiarity with various judges’ personalities.

While you should stay on top of your case at all times, reviewing documents the Social Security Administration has on file, your Social Security lawyer from Evanston will work with you every step of the way. In fact, his team will ensure that you fill the paperwork out correctly early on so you aren’t disqualified.

Identify Weaknesses In Case
Since your Social Security lawyer knows medical records are an important part of your case, he may recognize some areas where you may be lacking certain data. In that case, he may suggest, for example, that you get your doctor to fill out another form to provide and update of your condition.

Help You Win Backpay
Your Social Security lawyer Evanston residents trust, wants you to win. Their goal is to get you backpay. This will include money you would’ve earned over the past few years had you been paid the amount you’re awarded each month.

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