Five Key Ways to Avoid Buying a Lemon

There’s nothing worse than purchasing what you believe to be the car of your dreams only to find out that you’ve purchased a lemon. Realizing that you’ve bought a lemon causes tons of stress as you realize that you’re most likely going to have to file a lawsuit in order to recoup any money. The good news is that the Massachusetts lemon law for new car or used car owners can help you find a solution. In the meantime, there are things you can do to avoid finding yourself with a lemon in the first place. Following are some tips.

Don’t Rush
One of the biggest reasons that people are taken advantage of when purchasing a car is because they rush to make the purchase without doing their due diligence. Take your time and research everything from the car model and year to the seller so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Test Drive the Car
Don’t just test drive a model of the car that you’re interested in. Test drive the actual car so that you get a true sense of how it feels. Come back another day, and test it again on a different type of route.

Choose Accessories That Are Factory Supplied
You may be tempted to buy that car with cool accessories like tricked-out stereo systems, but if those accessories did not come from the maker of the car and they cause issues with the car down the road, the repair costs will most likely not be covered under your warranty.

Confirm Warranty Coverage
Before you sign on the dotted line, find out exactly what the warranty covers. Some warranties are fully comprehensive, while others are very limited in scope. Weigh the condition of the car against the warranty, and see if the purchase makes sense.

Contact us via our website or give us a call if you have questions regarding the Massachusetts lemon law for new car or used car owners. Otherwise, the above tips may help you avoid getting a lemon in the first place.

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