Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides and Adventure Not To Be Missed

Along the east coast of Florida there are so many things to see and do. Without exception one of the most exciting things while on vacation that one can do is to go on a Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides tour. Airboats are top notch water vessels that can go rather fast and ride very light along the water’s surface. The nice feature of that is that an airboat can travel along some water areas that aren’t very deep, allowing it to go where conventional boats that have propellers in the water cannot. On an airboat the absence of a propeller in the water is replaced by the versatility of the large high speed fan in the rear of the boat that propels the boat along the water’s surface. You can ride on a fast open air airboat and alligators are abounding if you know where to look.

But don’t think for a second that your day will be limited to airboats and alligators, no way. Along the Fort Lauderdale boarder, to the west you will travel up the “River of Grass”. The River of Grass area exists out west of the sawgrass prairies and pond apples sloughs. Here you will see so many native animals and birds, like the great Blue Heron that’s indigenous to the area of the River Grass.. You can even catch sight of the famous Florida Flamingo. But the Flamingo is just one of the many birds this area of the Everglades has. You will likely see many other wild birds such as the large white and colorfully marked Roseate Spoonbill. This extra-large bird has white plumage with a wing span of up to seven feet. Its wings are marked on each side with bright fluorescent red, and the tail feathers are a brilliant and bright red that fads into orange then yellow, it’s truly a sight to see.

There are so many more birds that are indigenous to just this natural habitat, such as tiny egret looking Least Bittern. Or you may see the still smaller Black-Necked Stilts that make their nests in the muddy banks, or perhaps even the endangered Snail Kite. With so much development in the State of Florida it’s great to take a boat ride through some of the last remaining natural habitats around. Completely untouched the area leading to the Everglades has been a haven for many endangered and threatened species.

Let’s not forget one of the area’s most famous inhabitants, the American Alligator. Your guide can lead you through the River of Grasses where you’ll actually see a variety of alligators swimming and sunning themselves along the water’s edge. With so much to see and do one should not miss this great opportunity to take Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides through one of Florida’s untouched wonderlands.

See all that the Southern Coast of Florida has to offer by taking one of the many Fort Lauderdale airboat rides available in the River of Grasses. For a list of the most popular choices you need look no further than Eco Safari, your absolute leader in South Florida tours with knowledgeable guides that can highlight the importance of this fragile ecosystem.

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