Frequently Asked Questions About A Mobile Home Insurance Company In Monroe County MI

Individuals who own a mobile home should protect their house and personal property by purchasing a policy through a Mobile Home Insurance Company in Monroe County MI. In addition to this type of coverage, individuals also need insurance in case someone gets injured while on their property. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about insurance for a mobile home.

What is normally covered under a mobile home insurance policy?

A mobile home policy covers any damage to the mobile home if the damage is caused by a fire, the wind, lightning, and objects that fall on the home, such as a tree. The insurance policy will also cover damage to structures that aren’t attached to the mobile home, such as a garage or workshop. Personal property coverage is also included, and this covers the loss or damage to a person’s belongings that are inside the mobile home. This includes appliances, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. Liability coverage protects homeowners if they are being sued by an individual who gets hurt while on the property. Medical coverage is also available to pay the medical bills of a person who is injured on the property.

Is there any optional coverage that’s available for owners of a mobile home?

When purchasing a mobile home insurance policy, individuals have various options to choose from for additional coverage. These include coverage if the fire department is called, reimbursement for personal property and extended coverage for expensive items of personal property, such a jewelry and furs. If the mobile home has to be transported to its location, individuals can add on an option that covers the mobile home during transportation. An experienced insurance agent who works at a Mobile Home Insurance Company in Monroe County MI will inform individuals about the various types of additional coverage that are available. Homeowners may be able to save money on their mobile home insurance policy through various ways, such as by installing a home security system or through multiple insurance policy discounts.

Individuals who own a mobile home can get the coverage they need by contacting an experienced Insurance Of Monroe agent. Visit us to learn more information about mobile home insurance and to request a free insurance review.

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