Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontal Treatment In Indianapolis IN

Many individuals have periodontal disease but they don’t know they have it until it’s diagnosed by their dentist. This oral issue starts out as gingivitis and it can advance into periodontal disease if it’s not treated right away. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this disease and how a dentist performs periodontal treatment in Indianapolis IN.

Are there symptoms to look for that indicate an individual has periodontal disease?

There are several signs that can alert individuals to the fact they have periodontal disease. Individuals will have red and swollen gums that often bleed, especially when they’re brushing their teeth. Individuals may also notice that their gums are sore and irritated. At the first sign of any redness or swelling in the gums, individuals should contact their dentist for an appointment.

What can happen if periodontal disease isn’t treated by a dentist?

When individuals choose not to have treatment for periodontal disease, their teeth will eventually become loose from the jawbone. As periodontal disease progresses, bacteria causes the area that’s below the gumline to become infected and then the jawbone begins to deteriorate. As the jawbone weakens, the teeth loosen up and if they don’t fall out on their own, a dentist will have to extract them.

What types of procedures are done by dentists to treat periodontal disease?

Dentists who perform Periodontal Treatment in Indianapolis IN will schedule a root planing and scaling procedure for their patients. After numbing the mouth, a dentist will use special instruments to remove the calculus that’s attached to the root of the teeth below the gumline. Next, the dentist will use a different instrument to remove any roughness that’s on the surface of the teeth below the gumline. Smoothing out these areas reduces the chance of bacteria clinging to the teeth. After the procedure is finished, individuals should consistently brush and floss their teeth every day to prevent periodontal disease from occurring again.

Individuals in Indianapolis who have periodontal disease can visit Moore-Berry Dentistry for treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment and to learn about additional dentistry services we provide including restorative dentistry, teeth bonding, teeth whitening and oral surgery.

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