Frequently Asked Questions For Individuals Who Want To Sell Gold In Chicago

It’s common for many individuals to need some extra money or emergency cash at the last minute. Those who find themselves in this predicament can quickly get the funds they need by selling their gold for cash. Individuals should read the frequently asked questions below to learn how they can Sell Gold in Chicago for extra money when they need it.

Does the gold have to be in good condition to sell it for cash?

Individuals can bring in any kind of gold pieces they have in any condition. Examples include broken gold jewelry, knotted gold chains, gold rings without the setting and one gold earring that doesn’t have a match.

Scrap gold is always welcome at a pawn shop because it’s ultimately sent to a refinery where it’s melted down and then recycled. Individuals should take any kind of gold they have to a pawn shop regardless of its condition or age.

How much money can individuals expect to make when they sell their gold?

The price that a pawn shop broker pays for an individual’s gold depends on how pure the gold pieces are and how much they weigh. Gold pieces that are marked as 24 karat are made from the purest form of gold and individuals will receive the most money for them.

The exact price that’s paid for gold varies because of the market value of the gold at the time that it’s sold. Pawn brokers always know the current market value of gold so they can pay individuals a fair price for their items.

Is it a simple process for individuals to get cash for their gold?

When individuals Sell Gold in Chicago, the process from start to finish is quick and easy. After individuals collect their gold and take it to the pawn shop, the pawn broker will examine and weigh their gold.

The pawn broker will then offer a price they’re willing to pay for the gold. If the individual accepts the offer, the pawn broker immediately pays the individual in cash.

Individuals in Chicago who want to sell their gold and make instant cash should Contact Clark Pawners and Jewelers. This establishment pays cash for a variety of items including diamonds, platinum, silver, coins, watches and designer jewelry.

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