Fun and Entertainment When You Visit Festivals in Kansas City

The fall season is a time when several outdoor events take place. One event that you can enjoy with your entire family and that often offers activities for all ages is a festival. Here are only a few things that you might see at this type of attraction.


When you go to a fall festival in Kansas City, you’ll usually see an abundance of pumpkins of all sizes. There will probably be foods and beverages made with pumpkin or pumpkin spice as well. Some festivals have games that involve smashing or launching pumpkins.


A popular activity to enjoy when you go to a fall festival in Kansas City is eating some of the sweet treats that are available. Vendors usually set up booths or trucks to sell their homemade items. You can find foods like pies, cakes, cotton candy, candy apples, and fried Oreos. Beverages of various types are usually abundant as well with many of them being warm for the cooler weather of the fall season.


It wouldn’t be a festival without games. Most festivals have games for all ages as well as a few other activities to enjoy. Prizes are typically given for those who win and can sometimes be exchanged for larger prizes or other items at the festival. Common games include basket and ring tosses, picking a duck from water, and popping balloons. Other activities that you might enjoy include hayrides, a petting zoo, and contests to see how much of one type of food people can eat.

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