Fun Facts About The Furnace in Hartford CT

Furnaces may not be something that most people tend to think about on an everyday basis, but there are some pretty interesting things to know about them that many are not aware of. Here are some fun facts about a Furnace in Hartford CT.

  • Furnaces actually date back all the way to ancient Rome, circa the year 2012 B.C. While they were obviously not mechanical in nature like today’s models, they still performed the same function of modern furnaces, which is to warm the home. Back then, they were also known by a different name, hypocausts.
  • Furnaces are one of the most heavily regulated appliances that a home can have. There are federal, state, municipal, and local regulations which all determine how a furnace may be installed. While some may call these regulations burdensome or cumbersome, they are actually in place to act as a preventative measure against fire and other safety hazards.
  • Furnaces also provide one of the best returns on investment that a household can have. When they are subject to proper routine maintenance, they can actually last for decades. Furnaces that are Energy-Star rated also save huge amounts of money on the utility bills that every homeowner faces.
  • Furnaces are capable of using a wide range of fuels to perform their heating duties. The most-commonly used fuels are heating oil, electricity, and natural gas. The number one most used fuel of those three, and of all of the fuels possibly used, is natural gas. They account for 70% percent of furnace sales within the United States.
  • There are three main parts to a Furnace in Hartford CT which are typically subject to breakdown. These parts include the heat exchanger, the blower and the burner or heating element. The exchanger works to separate the gas from the air, the blower drives the heated air throughout the home’s duct system, and the burner is what actually creates the heat.

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