Furniture Hacks: Three Tips For Maximum Furniture Buying Enjoyment

Buying furnishings for your home is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. That’s because it’s the process of creating that special living space where you’ll spend happy hours interacting with family, entertaining guests or just relaxing in a domain that bears your personal touch.

According to U.S. News and World Report, furnishing a home is the item behind the price of buying a home and a car. That means you want to get your selection right the first time. Here are three tips for getting maximum enjoyment in buying furniture

Measure Everything!

Carpenters have a famous saying: “Measure twice, cut once.” The same fundamental principle applies to buying furniture. Make sure you measure all your doorways, stairway access space and even the dimensions of an elevator if you use one. Then measure to furniture pieces you are considering to ensure you can get them inside easily and they are well-proportioned in your rooms.

Matching Look/Décor of Your Home

A survey of furniture stores in Fort Lauderdale asked managers for their best tips for getting satisfaction from a furniture-buying experience. They said to pay careful attention to matching what you see in the showroom with the design scheme inside your home. One good way of doing this is to ask a store clerk for color swatches you can take home to match with your carpets, drapes, wallpaper and more. This gives you a more vivid idea of how well the pieces you select will look back home.

Lifestyle Factors

Another key point gleaned from the furniture stores in Fort Lauderdale survey is that buyers should reflect on their current home lifestyles and then consider future possibilities. For example, if you have no pets or children now, might they be coming along in the future? Furniture stores have huge selections of attractive, elegant pieces that range from delicate (such as silk coverings) to more robust designs that can handle sticky finger and muddy paws. As much as you can, buy furniture with an eye on the future.

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