Garage Doors in Charleston WV are Often Equipped with Garage Door Openers

Most homes with Garage Doors in Charleston WV are equipped with a garage door opener. Garage door openers allow homeowners quick, convenient access to their home. While today’s garage door openers have advanced significantly in their technology, there still remain three basic types to choose from.

Garage door openers all share a similar design and differ primarily by the way the motor moves the carriage or trolley. The three types of garage door types are chain-driven, belt-driven, and screw-driven.

  • Chain-Driven -; This type of opener incorporates a chain to move the trolley along the rail opening or closing the door. It is the least expensive type and also the noisiest due to the metal chain vibrating against the rail. Higher-end chain-driven models may be purchased with optional noise dampeners that separate the chain from the track. Due to their reliability chain-driven openers are preferred for over-sized and heavy garage door models.
  • Belt-Driven -; These types of openers utilize a belt rather than a chain, therefore, are far quieter than their chain-driven counterparts. These are ideal for homes where the garage is located near a bedroom. Belt-driven door openers have fewer moving parts which allow for less maintenance as well.
  • Screw-Driven -; Using neither a metal chain or a belt, this type uses a threaded metal rod that propels the trolley, to open and close the door. These types have fewer moving parts than the screw or belt-driven models requiring less maintenance. As for the noise generated, this type is louder than belt-driven styles, yet quieter than chain-driven types.

Garage door openers installed on Garage Doors in Charleston WV share many standard features, but what sets them apart from each other are the options – such as:

  • Remotes -; Perfect for rainy or cold days, remotes allow for operation from one’s vehicle.
  • Home automation integration -; Many can be integrated into the home automated system allowing them to be opened with a spoken command.
  • Wi-Fi integration -; A step above home automation are Wi-Fi compatible garage door openers. These allow operation from just about anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

Suppliers like Garage Door Operators Inc. provide the largest selection of garage door openers and are the most versed at helping homeowners choose the best model for their needs. Furthermore, they provide installation and maintenance packages to keep your investment operating for years to come.

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