George F. Cook Construction Handles Your Carpentry

Handling a major commercial construction project requires not only experience you can trust, but a long term commitment to be there for the whole lifetime of the building. A contractor with an extended record of major construction is exactly what you want, and that’s exactly what George F. Cook Construction Company brings to the greater Twin Cities area.

Whether your institution or business is preparing to renovate an older structure or completely start from scratch, the George F Cook Construction Co company can help you from start to finish. With almost a century and a half of involvement in commercial carpentry services in Saint Paul, MN, we have a record that you can see with a tour of our fair city. Many prominent local schools, churches, and public buildings have been our projects in the past, and we are still helping to maintain those buildings today.

Some of our most recent projects include multi-family housing units, senior housing, high-tech manufacturing, public schools, and recreational buildings. We have even done important historical restorations. We specialize in architectural millwork and casework, wood blocking and backing, as well as doors and other hardware. Our team can handle all your specialized carpentry needs.

Our commercial carpentry services in Saint Paul, MN, uses union carpenters. Our company is family owned since 1885, and each generation has passed on their knowledge to the next. We take a lot of pride in our craft, and use consistent, proactive supervision by our master carpenters to ensure quality in your construction from beginning to end.

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