Get a European Facial After a Stressful Week at Work

by | May 11, 2016 | Salons and Spas

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After a long week at work, many women look for ways to relax. For many this can mean a facial. While not all facials are created the same, a European facial can be the right choice for just about anyone. It’s not a common massage offered at all salons that provide facials. Providing a European facial is an artform. The stress relief that can come from one is why many find themselves looking for a salon that provides a European facial in Jacksonville, FL.

What is a European Facial?
A European facial is an in-depth facial. It combines a facial with a massage. The ingredients used are specially blended for each client based on their skin type. It is a deep cleansing facial that pulls out any impurities with an exfoliator and then soothes hot towels and oil massage complete with a mask and moisturizer with sunscreen.

What is Included with the Massage?
The massage isn’t just for the face. It also covers the shoulders, arms, neck, and hands. This massage is a massage with purpose. It helps with hydrating the skin and bringing out the natural skin balance. Finishing off a facial with a massage is a great accompanying factor to continue the soothing experience. The massage included is just one reason why many enjoy the European facial.

Pricing of a European Facial
Many think facials are expensive. Think about the cost of all facial products women use. Some may not even provide the results you are looking for. A European facial not only works but also provides clients with a soothing experience. The facial can be found at most salons for under $100 making it reasonably affordable after a stressful week at work. It’s a nice way to treat yourself for in place of drinks at the bar. It’s also a lot better for you.

If you find yourself stressed and want to give a facial a shot, don’t just choose the cheapest standard facial on the list. Instead, find a salon that offers a European facial in Jacksonville, FL. You will get the deep cleansing your skin craves while getting the relaxation you’re looking for after a long week at work. The ingredients used will be personal to you for your skin type providing a true to your experience. After you find a salon to give you your first European facial you will wonder why you never looked into one before. It will be a very soothing experience that you will turn to after every stressful week at work.

If you’re interested in finding a salon that offers a European facial in Jacksonville, FL consider Adrienne Michelle’s. You can contact them by phone at 904-329-2573 or online at for more information.