Get a New Look in Your Bathroom Without Spending a Lot of Money

If you’re trying to save money while still updating your home, then consider starting in the bathroom. Since this is one of the smaller areas of your home, it’s usually easier to upgrade with only a few details. Contact a company about bathroom renovations in Oshawa to get a few ideas before you begin the process so that you can decide on colors, details and the things that you don’t need to change right away.

Tile Options

Instead of using a lot of tile in the bathroom since it can be an expensive material, use it as a border along the walls or in the shower. If you do want to use more tile in the bathroom, then consider making alternate lines on the walls with tile and another material. This can also create a textured look that brings a bit more depth to the bathroom.


Since the counter space in your bathroom is usually small, consider spending a little more money in this area. When you talk to companies about bathroom renovations in Oshawa, you’ll usually discover that granite is a material that will last longer and that really isn’t all that expensive. You’ll be able to match almost any color to granite options instead of being limited with the designs that you create in the bathroom.


If you don’t have a large budget to work with, then start your renovation by updating the fixtures in the bathroom. These include the faucet for the sink, the handles in the shower and the showerhead, and the handles on the cabinets and drawers. With a new color or design for the fixtures along with a fresh coat of paint, your bathroom can have a fresh new look but without spending a lot of money on major upgrades. You could also update the light fixtures for a different appearance as well.

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