Get Care Options from Memory Care Advisors in Monmouth Junction, NJ

If you have a loved one with memory issues, it can be difficult to care for them on your own. Rather than admitting them to a nursing facility, there may be other options for better care. Here are some options for memory care that are available in most communities.

Rehabilitation Memory Care Centers

Some memory care centers are focused on slowing degeneration associated with dementia and other conditions involving progressive memory loss. Instead of languishing in a facility, patients in rehabilitative memory care undergo therapies and group activities that help stimulate their minds. Memory care advisors in Monmouth Junction, NJ can work with you to find the right type of care for your loved one.

Adult Daycares

Some facilities offer adult daycare along with residential programs for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory issues. If you don’t want to admit your parent or grandparent to a facility, you can take them to a daycare program where they can enjoy group activities and be fed while you’re at work. Memory care advisors may have references for adult daycares near your home or workplace.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

This option is usually one of last resort. If a loved one with dementia is wandering or has aggressive behaviors, or you can no longer provide for their medical needs, then you may need to find a facility for them that specializes in dementia or Alzheimer’s care. Although it can be a difficult decision to make, the staff at Oasis Senior Advisors – Lakewood can help you find a facility that fits your loved one’s needs.

With the help of memory care advisors, you can find a facility where your elderly loved one can receive care when you are no longer able to care for them on your own. Whether it is an inpatient facility or an adult daycare, these advisors can help you find good care options when you need them. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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