Get Clean Gutters Today

The gutters that run along the edge of your roof are essential to draining water away from your home’s exterior walls and the perimeter of the foundation. Along with downspouts, the gutters collect the water and dispense it several feet or more away from your home. This reduces the potential for water damage and costly repairs.

A problem with the gutter could quickly lead to a roof leak into your home. It could also cause wall and foundation damage. We offer gutter cleaning as an essential type of preventive maintenance for your home. We can clean garage gutters, first and second story gutters and more. Our maintenance services include removing leaves, pine needles, dirt, birds’ nests and other debris out of the gutters. Having our gutter service Bothell WA do this for you is safer than climbing a ladder yourself.

Once in a while, gutters need to be repaired. Their fasteners may become loose, causing the gutters to separate from the edge of the roof. This causes the water to fall next to your house instead of into the gutters. We can replace damaged or missing fasteners. Our associates can also rehang gutters that have started to sag or that are out of balance.

If your gutter has a hole or is badly rusted, we offer gutter replacement services. We can replace an end cap, downspout, length of gutter or the entire gutter system. If you are unsure of the condition of the gutters before buying a house, we offer thorough inspections.

When you are in need of professional gutter service in Bothell WA, contact us at High Point Gutter. We offer convenient appointment times for routine gutter maintenance, installation and repairs. You may also visit us online at in order to learn more about us and our gutter services.

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