Get Inspired With Our Fun Fitness Challenges

Many people start going to the gym in Randolph NJ only to find their motivation fade after just a few sessions. Walking or jogging on a treadmill for an hour or lifting weights for 20 minutes is boring, but physical fitness does not have to be this way. At The Max Challenge, we make it fun for you to get the physical activity and exercise that your body needs. With us, no two workouts are the same. We put together cardio and strength training that does not mimic the programs at other gyms. We are not a typical gym, which is why people enjoy our ten-week programs.

Anyone can join The Max Challenge. If you have never gone to a gym before, we welcome you. We also welcome athletes who are looking for new motivation to maintain their level of fitness. No matter where you are at in your personal fitness journey, The Max Challenge is a wise choice. We offer training, life coaching and nutritional counseling that is customized to you.

We want you to have fun and get fit while doing it. We have challenges just for moms, just for women, just for men and just for anyone who wants to get fit. Our combination of exercises helps you burn calories faster than cardio alone. You will not get worn out or burned out like you would with just weight lifting. We have set up the right combination to keep your body challenged and keep your spirit motivated.

Let us help you get fit. To join a fitness program at our gym in Randolph NJ, contact us at THE MAX Challenge Of Randolph. You may also visit us online to sign up or learn more about our fitness challenges.

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