Get the Best Baking Supplies from NY Cake

Whether you’re making a cake for a loved one’s birthday, preparing cupcakes for a child’s celebration or want to prepare a sweet treat that will make an anniversary party even more memorable, NY Cake has you covered. Silver dragees are a great way to adorn your edible treats, and NY Cake has several varieties to choose from to add texture and visual interest to your cakes and cupcakes.

Dragees are 3D cake decorations that take a dessert with sprinkles to the next level. Dragees in silver can make a black, white or silver cake look especially classy. Of course, you can also add these dragees to pastel and jewel-toned cakes and use them as edible pearls or to trace an outline or image on the cake. Dragees are also available in other colors to compliment silver, such as gold and metallic versions of blue and pink. You can also find silver dragees in multi-color packets that have a pastel or bold color scheme.

In addition to dragrees, you can also find stunning cake decorations like food coloring to customize the hues of your cake and disco powders that give elements of your decorations an authentic gold or silver finish. NY Cake also offers can pans in a variety of shapes so you can make a cake that fits with the theme of the party, such as pans shaped like numbers, high heel shoes, hearts or roses.

For more information on silver dragees and other high-quality supplies to make your baked goods stand out, visit our website.

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