Get the Best Used Car Deals Around

Most people will drive a used car at some point in their lives. In fact, most of us eventually drive used cars at various times, including as a college student, a new employee, or a new parent, times when the budget may be stretched especially tight. Hawk CDJ offers a complete line of used vehicles for your daily or occasional driving needs.


Our used cars are carefully inspected, with any needed repairs made promptly by expert technicians. As a trusted used car dealer in Elmwood Park, we will not sell a car with known risks. In fact, we offer an extended warranty to cover possible issues that may arise after purchase. Used vehicles are ready to drive without problems or limits.


Before putting a sticker price on our vehicles, we clean them thoroughly inside and out to remove odors, stains, smudges, and debris. Seat upholstery is carefully cleaned to protect the vinyl or fabric. The exterior is washed and waxed to eliminate mud and dirt of any kind. Every car looks and smells fresh, and welcomes test drives by prospective buyers. You won’t find cigarette butts or pet fur in our used vehicles.


As a premiere used car dealer in Elmwood Park, we offer some of the best deals in town. Compare our inventory and prices to those of other dealerships, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that our cars cost less and offer more to the buyer. Ask about our monthly deals and special discounts on your favorite models.

Visit Hawk Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer to see our fine line of quality used vehicles for every kind of lifestyle and transport need. Take a test drive to compare models and styles, and to select a car with the features and color you want.

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