Getting A High Quality And Affordable Kitchen Remodel

There is no doubt that a kitchen remodel can be among the most costly home renovation projects, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Look at your kitchen piece by piece, by dissecting the project into smaller, more understandable components you can save a considerable amount of money without giving up quality or appeal. Affordable kitchen design in Chicago starts with:

Your design ideas:

You know better than anyone how you use your kitchen; use this unique knowledge to determine the room layout. Maintaining the existing layout will certainly save money as you will avoid having to relocate the plumbing, gas lines and electrical system. Not only will this save money, in many cases you won’t need specific permits.

Start with a theme, perhaps Early American, modern, etc. In this way you can focus on choosing materials that come together perfectly when the job is finished.

The scope of work:

Once you have a good idea what it is you want, write a detailed list of everything you want done. There is no need for you to use terms that a contractor would use, they will understand what you want when you ask them to offer a price. Chances are you are not a true pro at kitchen design; don’t be surprised if the contractors offer you great ideas on affordable kitchen design in Chicago that you would never have thought of.

Pay attention to the cabinets:

Cabinets are usually the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. Take time to choose a quality cabinet and don’t do it by brand name. What’s most important is quality of materials and construction. Insist on cabinet boxes made from marine grade plywood, doors and drawer front should be solid wood. The type of wood you specify will also have a big impact on cost; you may find a great compromise is to settle on a simpler design.

Always try to get through the project with no change orders, take plenty of time to settle on the design, materials, etc to avoid any unnecessary changes mid-stream which can be very expensive.

A beautiful, functional kitchen does not have to cost a king’s ransom. If you are looking for affordable kitchen design in Chicago you are welcome to visit the showroom of Chicago Custom Kitchens.

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