Getting Back to Good with Physical Therapy Wantagh NY

An injury can cause pain and issues long after it has healed. This pain can make it difficult to perform normal activities. Movement and daily tasks can make the pain much worse. It can be helped. Physical Therapy Wantagh NY can assist in the healing process and eliminate much of the lingering pain.

A fall or auto accident can cause severe injuries. These injuries can take a lot of time in the hospital healing. When they are healed, many times, there are lasting issues. Nerves and muscles are damaged or weakened. This can cause the pain to linger, long after they are healed. It can also make movement difficult. Physical therapy is often prescribed to assist with this healing.

Physical therapy can help promote the healing of muscles and nerves that have been damaged. After an injury, the only way to heal the muscles and nerves properly is to physically work them. A physical therapist can assist with moving your body in a proper manner to assist with getting them back to normal. These movements or exercises will force the body to move the way it should. This will cause the muscles and nerves to repair themselves in the correct way.

Even pain, that isn’t caused by an injury, can often benefit from physical therapy. Improper posture can often cause muscles and nerves to become misaligned. Repetitive motions, such as typing or swinging a golf club, can cause damage. These issues can cause severe pain and movement problems over time. Physical therapy can assist in identifying the issue and correcting it.

When you first visit the therapist, they will do an assessment of your issues. Any medical or surgical records will be needed for review. If your pain was caused by an injury, all information about the injury itself will be needed, including any accident reports. If your pain is not injury related, then, the therapist will need information about your work and all activities you perform regularly. This information will give a complete look at the source of the pain.

Next, they will set up a plan for your treatment. This will include the type of physical therapy you will need. It will also include any exercises you should continue at home.

A physical therapist can be a great benefit to relieving pain. By visiting, you can learn more about physical therapy.

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