Getting Help from a Truck Accident Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii

All traffic accidents have the potential to be deadly, but truck accidents tend to have more serious consequences for all involved. In Hawaii, accidents between vehicles are usually considered “no-fault” accidents, which means that each driver is responsible to use their own insurance to cover the accident unless there are serious injuries. A truck accident attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii can help people who have been involved in an accident with a truck and need legal advice. Here are some things to understand about the uniqueness of truck accidents in Hawaii.

Understanding Truck Accidents Law in Hawaii

If a person finds that injuries sustained in a traffic accident with a large truck are serious enough to file a lawsuit, there are some unique things about large trucks that should be looked at. Drivers of semi-tractor trailers and other large trucks have log books that record how many hours they have been on the road. If they have violated the number of hours they should be on the road at one time, they could be held liable for any accident that occurs with them on the highway.

More About Truck Accidents Law in Hawaii

If a person decides to file a lawsuit, Hawaii allows two years from the date of the accident and injury for the person to file the lawsuit in a civil court. If the person fails to file the lawsuit in this time period, any chance to have the lawsuit heard will probably be gone, along with any opportunity to be awarded damages as a result of the accident. Thus, the person involved in the accident with a truck should seek a lawyer for legal advice as soon as possible.

An Attorney in Hawaii for Truck Accidents

There are many lawyers in Hawaii whose specialty is assisting people who have been involved in a truck accident. Yoshida & Associates is a law firm in Honolulu, Hawaii that helps clients with truck accident cases and other personal injury cases. Anyone in need of a truck accident attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii can contact this law firm and visit for more information.

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