Getting Sickle Cell Disease Treatment in Columbus, MS for Children

One of the fears that parents have when their children are born and screened is that they might present with some awful disease, such as sickle cell anaemia. Sickle cell anaemia is an anaemic disease that occurs more frequently in African-Americans than other races, but anyone can have it. There is a pediatric clinic that provides sickle cell disease treatment in Columbus MS that wants parents to be informed about the disease. Here are some facts about the disease that may provide some sense of understanding to the general public.

Facts about Sickle Cell Anemia

Normal blood cells are round and travel through the body with ease, but sickle cells have an odd shape, like a crescent moon, as the name suggests. For a child to be born with sickle cell anaemia, both parents have to have the sickle cell gene in their blood. Otherwise, the child may be born with a sickle cell trait. If a doctor fails to catch the sickle cell disease at infancy, there are symptoms that suggest the parents should have the child tested immediately. Some of the symptoms include unexplained swelling in the feet or hands, episodes of severe pain, and a yellow tint to the whites of the eyes.

More Facts about Sickle Cell Anemia

Unfortunately, there are many complications that come with having sickle cell anaemia that parents may have to deal with. The child could develop pulmonary hypertension, which is high blood pressure in the lungs, but this usually happens in adults. The child could have a stroke, which could be fatal, and there could also be organ damage. Parents should consult with a paediatrician to ensure whether or not their children have this disease or its trait.

A Pediatric Clinic for Sickle Cell Issues in Mississippi

It is important for parents to have their children tested right away for sickle cell disease in Mississippi if they have not already done so. Children’s Health Center of Columbus, Inc. is a pediatric clinic in Columbus, Mississippi that will test a child for sickle cell issues. If parents want to get Sickle Cell Disease Treatment in Columbus MS for their children, that is a good place. Read more by visiting the website.

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