Getting The Most From Shopify Templates

One of the most-recognized features of the Shopify eCommerce platform is the variety of different templates available. There are many options for Shopify templates, from those provided by the platform itself to those designed by third-party suppliers who design and sell their templates.

Think of Shopify templates as a way to create and maintain a theme throughout a website. Each page will have the same look and design with the use of a template, allowing customers to easily find information and creating a uniform, professional look across the website.

The top Shopify templates are designed to be responsive, which means they will properly display on virtually all browsers on all types of devices. They will automatically size up or down, creating a very functional user experience from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

The Pros

Just looking through the various Shopify templates from Shopify or third-party designers will show you the obvious pros of using the templates. There are templates designed for virtually any ecommerce site, from fashion design to selling one-of-a-kind collectables and handcrafted gifts.

There are also templates for restaurants, bakeries, nightclubs, bars, photographers, vineyards, and sporting goods stores. Different templates provide different customized features within the system, so often there is some level of personalization available.

It isn’t hard to find templates that are fun and upbeat, sophisticated and elegant, rustic and casual, or highly adventurous and almost over-the-top in their colors and design elements.

The Issues

For many small businesses looking to create a niche look and online experience, relying on templates that are used all over the web may not create the unique look they want.

There are similarities between the Shopify templates and there is limited customization available with many. Typically, customization includes changing background colors and fonts and setting up categories that suit your site.

It is possible to work with a web developer and designer to create unique Shopify templates for your site. Going from an existing design to creating something completely your own ensures your website will not be mistaken for another, and it also allows for customization on the back-end as well.

It is a good idea to look through existing Shopify templates to get an idea of the possibilities. If you can’t find one that is just what you want, talk to a Shopify web developer and designer to create the right website to market your online products.

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