Getting Your Home Safe and Secure After a Fire Using a Port Huron Restoration Service

After a fire in your home of any size, the first thing that might cross your mind is how you’re going to get the damage cleaned up so that you can restore the home. Before contacting a fire damage restoration Port Huron MI company, you need to make a few decisions about whether or not the home can be saved. If the home isn’t completely burned, then most restoration services can clean the debris and begin making it a safe place to live once again.


One of the first things that a restoration company will do is make sure the home is safe for the cleaning process to begin. Tarps can be placed over areas where portions of the roof or walls are missing. Boards can also be used to cover the windows and the floor in order for the company to work on the home. This is the time when the company can determine if the home is structurally sound to restore or if it might be better to find another home.

Removing Water

Large hoses are often used to remove water from the home. This can keep mold and mildew from developing. Once the water is removed, large fans are usually placed at various points in the home to dry as many surfaces as possible.


A fire damage restoration Port Huron, MI company can clean smoke residue from surfaces and can remove damaged items from your home so that improvements can begin. Some of the improvements that can be made include replacing the walls and floors, painting, or rebuilding rooms if there are enough people who can help.

Contact M C Shine Cleaning & Restoration Services LLC for more information about the process of restoring your home after a fire. They are available for 24-hour emergency restoration services you need.

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