Gluten Free Restaurants Can Be Found In Fort Myers

With the ever-increasing number of people who consume solely or primarily gluten free food for any number of reasons, the demand for gluten free options to be available for consumption has also grown. This has led to more and more restaurants over the years which provide gluten free items on their menus. If you live in or near Fort Myers, you can find one of gluten free restaurants without much trouble.

Gluten Free Restaurants Feature A Tasty Variety In Fort Myers

If you or someone you care about has a dietary need which requires only gluten free food, Fort Myers is an excellent place to find a restaurant. If you and the people you will be dining with enjoy comfort foods such as pizza, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, then there is a restaurant that offers gluten free variations! These include:

-A wide variety of pizzas with gluten free crust and fresh, natural toppings. If you would like a dairy-free meal, then a cheese substitute can be used.

-Flavorful salads, from which you can choose buffalo chicken, Caesar, Cobb, Greek and more. Fancy a side of warm, gluten-free pizza bread? This would be the perfect complement to a fresh and delicious salad! It is the perfect marriage between garlic bread and cheese pizza, and again, a dairy-free cheese substitute may be used!

-Don’t forget about dessert! At this restaurant in Fort Myers, you can truly indulge yourself with a gluten free brownie. Fresh, warm and topped with both a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a pool of chocolate sauce, this treat is the perfect way to finish off a flavorful gluten free dinner. For a lighter dessert that is also an excellent and refreshing choice for the summertime, you may always opt to conclude your dining experience with a dish of vanilla ice cream.

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