Go Beyond Boarding: Try K9 Pet Resorts in Hamilton, New Jersey

Let’s face it; the basic boarding experience can be dull for your dogs.  Sure, a regular kennel ensures that your dog is secure, safe, fed, and watered while you are traveling, but if you are like most pet-parents, you want to do more a little more for your dog.  At K9 Pet Resorts in Hamilton, New Jersey, we go beyond basic boarding to provide a luxury pet resort for your dogs.  We offer an experience that is cleaner, more enriching, and more customizable than what most boarding kennels can offer, so that you come home to a pet who has had a vacation, not just been with a babysitter while you have been away.

Most dog owners love the enrichment opportunities that we offer for our K9 guests.  Of course, our guests have access to community play facilities.  Here dogs get the chance to socialize, play, and get plenty of unstructured exercise opportunities.  If you are not sure how your dog will respond to that experience, you can even come try one or two sessions of our Doggie Daycare to see how your dog responds to community play before a boarding experience.  Of course, some dogs are less social than other dogs.  No problem; we also offer plenty of other exercise and play opportunities, and you can select which ones are the best fit for your dog.

Another comment that we frequently get from our human clients is that our facility does not smell like dogs.  That is because we focus on cleanliness.  We started by building our facility with special surfaces that are not only easy-to-clean, but also have anti-microbial properties.  While accidents are part of dealing with pets, we clean accidents up promptly, so that your pet has a clean play area and boarding space.  Finally, because playing dogs can get a little funky, we bathe each of our guests before sending them home.

To find out more about K9 Pet Resorts, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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