Going Green – Why Eco-Friendly Building is Taking Hold

The concept of “going green” is one that is familiar to Americans. From our groceries to our use of electricity, there is an eco-friendly option for almost every product we use and service we employ. Many may not make the connection between ecologically sound practices and home builders, but there is almost nowhere that going green makes more sense.

Painting Your Dream Home Green

Everyone dreams of having a home built to their specifications. Combining that dream with the goal of protecting and preserving the environment is one many people are passionate about. It’s a combination growing in popularity, due to the increasing demand for a solution to offset climate change and other environmental issues taking center stage in the global consciousness.

Consumers looking for custom home builders in the Prescott, AZ area can consult R.E.S Contracting Inc., an eco-friendly builder with 25 years of construction experience. Trusting an industry expert with firsthand experience in the field of green building means giving their building projects an advantage from the start.

How Builders Are Helping

There are many ways in which home builders are helping to make the world a greener place. Some of these include:

  • Installation of solar technology

  • Use of sustainably sourced building materials

  • High efficiency heating and cooling solutions

  • Installation of tankless water heaters

  • Rain catchment technology installation

  • Incorporation of greywater reuse and recycling

  • Energy Star certified construction techniques

With these and more factors at work in building the homes consumers are dreaming of, it’s easy to see how today’s custom home builders are making a difference in both the building industry and the world, overall.

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