Guide to Bail Bond Services in Athens, Texas

After a loved one’s arrest, life can be stressful and full of uncertainty. Families simply want their loved one at home and released from jail. Bail bond services in Athens, Texas can help families through the process and get their loved ones released from custody as soon as possible.

What Is Bail?

For most folks, the only time they’ve been exposed to bail or the arrest process has been through television shows or movies. Essentially, bail is a promise to fulfill court obligations. Without bail, a defendant would remain in custody until all of their court appearances have been completed. That could mean months or even years in jail for some. Bail is an amount of money paid to the court to help entice the defendant to return. If they do, the money is returned regardless of the case outcome. If they fail to return, the money is forfeited.

What Is the Difference Between Bail and Bail Bonds?

Bail is the amount set by a judge to allow a defendant’s release. However, because most people do not have significant amounts of cash laying around to tie up for the length of a court case, bail bonds are a good option.

A bail bond is an arrangement with bail bond services in Athens, Texas to pay a small portion of the overall bail amount. The bail bond company will then submit the full bail amount to the court allowing the defendant to be released. When all the court obligations have been met, the bail bond company will receive the bail amount back, but they will not reimburse the defendant. The small percentage that was paid to secure the bond is a fee for the bonding company’s service and is not reimbursable.

Look Locally

When looking to work with a bail bond service, be sure to find one that is well-established in the Athens area. A person posing as a bail bonding agent to take cash from unsuspecting family members can be a common scam. Finding a facility that is established in the area with a physical business location will ensure the money will go towards securing a defendant’s release. Contact us for more questions or to work with an established local bail bond service.

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