Guidelines and Tips for Safe Wheel Chocks Installation in Arlington, TX

Wheel chocks are blocks, typically shaped like small pyramids or trapezoids, that drivers can use to prevent their vehicles or trailers from moving unintentionally. Drivers should chock their trailers any time they’re loading or unloading them and should use these important safety devices while they’re hitching and unhitching their trailers. Read on to find out about the most important aspects of Wheel Chocks Installation Arlington TX drivers need to know about along with a few basic safety tips.

Buying Chocks

It’s important to buy chocks that are designed for use with the trailer being stabilized. Never use make-shift chocks made out of lumber, bricks, or rocks. Only manufactured wheel chocks can ensure safe hitching, unhitching, loading, and unloading.

Wheel chocks are not especially expensive, so there’s no reason not to purchase a set for home and a set for the truck. Some chocks come in pairs, while others are sold individually. Sometimes, bulk quantity discounts may also be available.

Chocking a Free Standing Trailer

Use chocks on all wheels. If the trailer has two axles, purchase at least four chocks. If the trailer has a heavy load or the driver plans to park it on uneven terrain, it’s best to chock the front and back of each tire.

Tips for Buying Chocks

Larger tires require larger chocks. Heavier trailers may also require larger chocks than light trailers. Check the trailer’s GVW before buying chocks.

Tips for Installing Chocks

By always following industry best-practices for Wheel Chocks Installation Arlington TX drivers can ensure their safety and the safety of anyone helping them load and unload their trailers. If they have enough chocks in their trucks, drivers should secure both sides of each tire. If they only have enough chocks to install one under each tire and the terrain is uneven, drivers should make a point of placing them on the downhill side.

The Bottom Line

A set of chocks is a must-have safety product for any trailer, so drivers who plan to tow anything should not leave home without them. Those who are new to trailer ownership or need to replace their aging products can visit C & S Trailers to buy new chocks. Click Here to get started today.

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