Gutters and Roofing Services in Staten Island NY

Other than your roof, your rain gutters are one of your home’s biggest protections from the elements. Gutters gather runoff from melting snow and rain, and divert it away from your foundation and your siding. Because of their importance to the structural integrity of your home, it’s vital that you buy the best gutters you can afford. Below is a list of materials commonly used to make rain gutters, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Vinyl: These gutters are popular with homeowners because of their resistance to corrosion and rust, their easy installation and their low price. Vinyl gutter sections snap right together, which makes them easy to use. When used in more temperate climates, they work just as well as gutters made from other materials, but poor installation can result in failure. To ensure that your vinyl gutters are installed correctly, call for Roofing Services Staten Island NY. Vinyl gutters have a tendency to crack over time, but are a good solution if you’re on a budget.

Aluminum: While not as inexpensive as vinyl gutters, aluminum gutters are rustproof, lightweight and easy to use. They are very weather-resistant, keeping their structural integrity in colder climates. They can easily be painted and can be seamlessly constructed, making them a popular choice with homeowners and roofers alike. Aluminum gutters aren’t as strong as some other types, but their tendency to bend can be mitigated in certain ways.

Stainless steel: These are all but indestructible, and are some of the strongest gutters available. However, they are very expensive, costing up to four times as much as gutters made from lighter materials.

Wood: These were a common choice in years gone by, but as cheaper materials became widely available, wood gutters have fallen out of favor. Cedar, redwood and fir gutters are available, and are used in restorations of historic older houses. If you and your roofer choose wood gutters, be prepared to pay a premium.

Whether you want to save money, or you’re more concerned with appearances, there’s a rain gutter material to suit your needs. Talk to a roofing or gutter contractor to find out which material is best for your home and your budget, and to make sure that your gutters are properly installed.

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