Gymnastics After School Programs in Fairfield CT Provide Parents and Grandparents With a Trip Down Memory Lane

Parents who would like their young children to receive some structured training in gymnastics may enroll them in After School Programs in Fairfield CT. By now, the kids are somewhere between six and nine years old, so their parents probably aren’t thinking the youngsters will ever become Olympic stars. Their gymnastics training typically begins at two or three years of age. Nevertheless, mastering the basic skills of gymnastics offers many advantages to kids that will be helpful in the future.

Physical Benefits

Mothers and fathers don’t want to push their children into an activity they won’t enjoy. Participation in After School Programs in Fairfield CT with an emphasis on gymnastics makes it clear whether the youngsters like the activities and whether they have any innate talent. They’ll be able to build skills and gain physical benefits like improved coordination, strength and flexibility.

Mary Lou Retton

Their parents and grandparents may be fans of certain Olympic gymnastics stars, especially those of their younger years when the concept of the Games was still relatively new to them. Mom and Dad might remember Mary Lou Retton with her big smile in 1984, when they were still kids and she was winning the Gold at 16 years of age. The exuberant teenager also won two silver and two bronze medals at the Games that year.

Olga Korbut

Grandma and Grandpa might think back to Olga Korbut from the Soviet Union, winning the Gold in 1972. This charismatic athlete is credited with inspiring thousands of little girls to take up gymnastics as a hobby, a high school and college athletic pursuit, or with higher goals. The petite 17-year-old won three gold medals and a silver one as well. Olga performed some innovative moves at the Games that startled the judges and the audiences. A backward dive on the parallel bars has since been banned because of its potential danger.

Watching Performances

Thanks to the easy availability of videos online, kids can watch performances from long ago and from recent years, and of rising stars. They can decide to be fans of any of these immensely talented athletes, and practice the basic moves with an organization such as Next Dimension Gymnastics.

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