Hardboard Siding Repairs in Clinton Township MI End Problems With Mice in the House

Homeowners who start experiencing trouble with mice getting into the house may have rotting hardboard siding at the base of the building. Siding Repairs in Clinton Township MI for this kind of problem include replacing that decaying material with new siding and eliminating any holes where the rodents are gaining entry. This is a relatively common problem, especially on properties where the residents allow leaves and other organic debris to lie against the building and not routinely rake it away.

Problems With Hardboard Siding

This type of siding looks like wood but costs less, making it a popular choice for more affordable construction. Unfortunately, it is prone to deterioration, especially when not maintained properly. The damp ground alongside the siding can cause it to rot, so homeowners have to make sure the soil dries out quickly after rainfall. A good drainage gutter system around the roof helps since it moves rainwater and melting the snow away from the building.

Replacing Deteriorated Siding

When doing these types of Siding Repairs in Clinton Township MI, the contractor generally replaces the bottom few boards in the area where the problem has developed. Sometimes this is only in a shady part of the property where plentiful sunshine is not available to keep the bottom siding dry. Sheathing behind the siding may also have to be replaced, as that can deteriorate as well.

Advantages of Repair Work

Rotting hardboard at the base of the house can make the place start to look neglected and run-down. The homeowners, growing accustomed to the gradual deterioration of the material, may barely notice the problem unless they start finding mice in the building. Once the repair project is complete, the house will look much nicer and the rodent issue will end.

The homeowners can have the replacement project completed by a company such as A-1 Roofing & Siding. If it’s time for a major home improvement project, they may want to replace old wood, linen or aluminum siding on the entire building with new material. Rain gutters can be installed by this contractor as well. Browse our website A-1roofing-siding.com to learn more about the services provided.

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