Has Springtime Done a Number on Your Paint Job? Call Today for Auto Parts Repair in Warrensburg

For those who live in colder climates, the sounds and sights of spring are finally starting to arrive. Though chirping birds, colorful flowers, and warm temperatures are wonderful, springtime also brings things that may damage a car’s paint. Protecting an automotive finish from these outside forces begins with understanding them. To help owners prepare, below are the most common springtime risks to look for.

Bird Droppings

As birds become active in early spring, they’re more likely to leave their mark on vehicles. Bird droppings contain residues that quickly discolor automotive paint, as well as uric acid that erodes the clear coat. When it’s left unwashed, it’s a highly corrosive substance that’s tough to remove. To avoid the need for costly paint and auto parts repair in Warrensburg, promptly wash these droppings with a wet cloth.


Anyone with allergies knows when spring comes around. Not only does pollen make an allergy sufferer’s nose run and their eyes water, but these abrasive particles can also scratch the car’s paint. If the damage is widespread enough, it may cause irreversible fading, oxidation, and staining. The best way to minimize the damage is to wash the car with soapy water.

Tree Sap

As trees come out of their winter hibernation, they often drop their sap. When this sticky substance lands on a parked car, it may crystallize, become baked in, and leave unsightly rough patches behind. Remove the sap with rubbing alcohol and a soft, lint-free cloth.

Splattered Bugs

Springtime also brings bugs that quickly become splattered all over the front of a car. Bug innards contain acids that quickly cause damage to a car’s paint, especially when they’re sun-baked. To keep that from happening, wash the bugs off with soap and water right away.

Call the Collision and Auto Paint Experts

When a car’s paint needs some auto parts repair in Warrensburg, take it to a certified local repair shop. The technicians at Warrensburg Collision have the experience and training needed to restore a car’s paint to like-new condition. Click here to learn more or call today to schedule a no-obligation auto body and paint estimate.

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