Have a Small Business? Here are the Different Types of Insurance You Need

If you own a small business, you want to make sure that you are protected from anything that might occur. On average, most small businesses get four different types of insurance from the insurance company Ponte Vedra Beach Fl. These are listed below.

1. Property Insurance

When it come to your building and your belongings, you want to make sure these are protected. If your office equipment, including furniture, computers or other machinery get damaged, lost or stolen, your property insurance will cover the cost. Depending on the type of coverage you get, you may also be able to get these items paid for in the event of a fire or water damage.

2. Business Auto Insurance

As a small business owner, there are a lot of errands you have to run. These may include heading to the bank to make deposits, mailing out correspondence or meeting with clients. Should an accident occur while you are out and about, you want to make sure the costs will be covered.

Having business auto insurance can help with that endeavor. Even if you use your personal vehicle for these tasks, you still need to discuss this coverage with your agent at the insurance company Ponte Vedra Beach Fl to ensure you are getting the best coverage possible.

3. Liability Insurance

Having liability insurance means that you are protected should anyone sue you for a defective product, failure to provide a safe environment or a service error.

4. Workers Compensation

In most states, it is required by law for a business to have workers compensation. This insurance covers any lost wages should the employee get hurt and be unable to work. It also covers medical care if they need to go to a doctor for their injuries.

Keeping your business protected is important, and the right insurance plans can help with that endeavor.

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