Healthy Snacking With German Pretzels

Do you ever get that craving for something salty? Well, your guests do too. So why not offer them the salty, chewy goodness of German Pretzels? Do not worry, these delightful snacks are less complicated than you think. Here some quick facts about this healthy snacking option.

German Pretzels are made with no artificial colors or flavorings. Also, the makers use trans fat free margarine. That is great news for anyone watching their cholesterol. By utilizing only the finest natural ingredients the makers guarantee a high quality pretzel for your consumption.

German Pretzels are easy to make. The frozen pretzels are already cooked. You can serve them directly upon thawing or gently warm them in a variety of ovens to serve hot. Just imagine what a treat hot pretzels will be at your happy hour.

German Pretzels are economical. You can buy the pretzels by the box, the case or the pallet. You can order the size that fits into your budget. This allows you to do a test run to see how well the soft, salty pretzels are received by guests.

Speaking of size, German Pretzels come in three different sizes. There 3, 5 and 10 inch sizes available to choose from. You choose the size of pretzel that meets your needs. The 3 inch pretzels are a great as an addition to a snack bar, while the 10 inch pretzels will impressively fill a plate.

Are you thinking of having an Oktoberfest celebration? The makers of the German Pretzels also carry other authentic German snacks to include in your celebration. Along with the pretzels you can order apple streusel, potato pancakes and battered apple rings. These tasty desserts add a sweet ending to your party.

The German Pretzels make pretzel buns, rolls and knots too. These chewy rolls are perfect for serving up that bratwurst. They are great as an accompaniment too.

So if you are looking for an affordable, healthy snack to offer your guests consider adding German Pretzels to your menu. These hand twisted snacks are the perfect comfort food to make your guests feel like they are at home.

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