Heat Your Home or Business With Efficient, Clean Fuel Oil in New York

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Heating Oil Supplier

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Not all fuel oil in New York offers the same heating power. Getting an efficient fuel supply that cuts through the frigid winter weather is essential. Clean fuel will keep your heating system working longer. Ask your supplier about the type of fuel and any blends they use. Some fuel types provide a white-hot flame and significantly stronger heat than others. Clean fuel is better for the environment as well as the air in your home. Some top-quality fuel oil is certified as non-explosive. Some blends also have a much lower risk of producing carbon monoxide. These fuel types may include low-sulfur blends and may be eligible for clean energy credits in some areas. Many eco-conscious customers rely on new biodiesel blends to get the clean heating power they want.

Fuel oil may be scheduled for automatic, semi-automatic, or will-call delivery options from certain suppliers. Your fuel company may automatically fill your tank on your preferred schedule with automatic delivery. Trucks running a regular route may offer semi-automatic delivery with a day or two of advance notice for some customers. Customers with will-call delivery should always remember that the gauge provides an approximate fill measurement. It is important to call for fuel delivery when your tank is somewhere between 25 and 50 percent full. A professional team of certified mechanics will safely deliver your fuel and provide you with documentation for your purchase. Ask about computerized meters and the type of truck your fuel company uses to get the most information about your fuel delivery.

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