Help! I’m Dizzy and I Don’t Know Why!

Dizziness is a general term used to describe problems with balance and stability. There are a few categories of dizziness, that is, vertigo, lightheadedness and imbalance. This is a rather common complaint and may be due to a variety of causes, even though they may feel similar. Hence, a proper diagnosis is important in order to select the correct treatment. The good news is that the majority of balance disorders are treatable. However, this is only on the precondition that the underlying cause is properly diagnosed, for example, with VNG and addressed. Left untreated, the balance disorder may last for years.

The Inner Ear

The organ most integral to the balance system found in the human body is the inner ear. It is a sensory organ that acts like a gyroscope and gives us a sense of spatial orientation and is what gives us the sensation of head movement. Anything that affects the inner ear in some way may cause the signal it is sending to the brain to go out of the normal range, causing our sensation of motion to go out of whack. We may feel as if we are moving without us actually being in motion.


That is where videonystagmography, VNG from here on out, comes in. VNG is the name of a method for testing the inner ear in order to ascertain its condition and functioning, testing for inner ear diseases. The VNG system is used to record and analyze the involuntary eye movements of the subject used in tracking a moving object in varying scenarios in order to test the health of their balance system. The ability of the inner ear to sense stimuli is also tested with this method via circulating cold and warm air in the ear.

Now that you know of this, if you know anyone who has been complaining of having lost their sense of balance, perhaps you can direct them to diagnostic specialists. In Orlando, a medical outfit known as MD Diagnostic Specialists offer a host of diagnostic services, including balance testing. Further information about balance testing and VNG by contacting them via their website.

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