Helpful Strategies for Getting Approved for Your First Student Apartment

After a year or two of living in the dorm, you are excited to move out and get your own apartment. However, if you have never before leased a place to live, you wonder how that you can get approved and what it will take to get the landlord to hand over the keys.

Before you apply for any of the available Southern University Baton Rouge apartments for lease, you can prepare yourself now by making sure that you have all of your qualifications in order. These tips can help you pass the background check and be approved for your first apartment.

Have Good References

Management companies that rent out Southern University Baton Rouge apartments will want to know what kind of tenant you will be if you are approved. To find out what kind of renter you are, they will ask you to provide the names and contact information of several references.

If you have never before leased a place, you will be asked to provide the contact information for the residential life department that handled your dormitory tenancy. You also could be required to have a co-signer like one of your parents to secure your application for the apartment.

Make Enough to Pay the Rent

Landlords also want to know that you make enough money to pay the rent each month. The standard rule stipulates that you earn at least three times the price of the monthly rent.

For example, if the apartment rents for $700 a month, you will need to have an income of at least $2100 a month before taxes. If you do not have a job, your student financial aid could be counted as income.

You can find out more about student apartments in Baton Rouge online. Contact Alight Baton Rouge for information.

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