Helpful Tips for Keeping Pests Away by an Expert Sacramento Exterminator

Pests, like rodents and bugs, are a necessary part of our planet’s complex ecosystems. However, many pests carry disease and can be destructive if they get inside a home, business, storage facility and other structures. Take advantage of these fantastic helpful tips for keeping pests at bay from a seasoned Sacramento exterminator that understands pest control.

Close Off Any Potential Pest Entryway Points

Any type of bug or pest must gain entry to a home or other structure. The majority of bugs, rats, mice and other unwanted visitors build homes outdoors in nature. The first rule of pest control is to close off and seal any potential pest entryway points such as mobile home siding, exposed space around indoor water/sewage drains, window frame cracks, beneath unsealed doors and crevices or other openings in walls, floors, roofs and other spots.

Keep Your Home or Other Structure Clean & Clutter Free

Pests search for nesting places that meet their needs. Termites live in underground soil and feed on rotting wood often found in older buildings and in woodpiles. Roaches have a tendency to be carried inside a home in grocery bags, retail boxes or other modes. To rid your living and work environments from destructive and frustrating insects, mice or other pests, keep these areas clean and free of clutter.

Cut Off Their Food Supply

Pests need a reliable food supply and a dry and comfortable place to nest and breed. Call a reliable Sacramento exterminator for further pest control information.

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