Helpful Tips for Students who are Filing their Taxes for the First Time

If you are planning on filing your taxes for the very first time this year, you may be a bit intimidated. However, the good news is, student tax filing in Edison doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a few tips and some information, you will be well on your way to handling the situation with ease.

Talk to Your Parents

Even if you have decided to go away for school or if you have graduated in the past year, you may still be considered a dependent to your parents. You need to find out if they are claiming you on their taxes and if so, you can’t claim yourself. Make sure you find this out before filling out your tax return.

Get Your Documents Organized

You need to gather all of the necessary documents to properly handle the student tax filing in Edison. Some of the forms you are going to need include your W-2s, 1098-T forms that represent your tuition payments and your 1098-E forms that are provided by student loan lenders.

Utilize Free Tax Services

There are services out there that will help you with your tax filing if you make less than $53,000 per year. This applies to most students and if it applies to you, you should consider utilizing the services.

If you have questions about student tax filing in Edison, then it is best to ask a professional. They will be able to help you understand your situation and what you need to do to ensure you file properly and get the biggest return you are entitled to.

Find out more about filing your taxes by visiting the WorkMyTaxes website.

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