Helpful Tips to Improve Your Business’s Cyber Security

Anytime and anywhere has become a mantra for today’s workforce. Employees that work remotely or from a home office have to remain productive by using applications that are in the cloud, as well as personal devices tied to the corporate network and collaboration tools. However, with all this remote activity, security can be a concern. Some tips that will help businesses improve their cyber security in Chicago, IL can be found here.

Enforce Your Password Rules

One of the first lines of defense you have against any type of security breach is a strong password. Not only should you encourage your workers to create strong passwords, but also to change them frequently. This should not be an option, instead make changing passwords mandatory from time to time.

Update on a Regular Basis

Any and all connections to the internet are potential vulnerabilities. This is something that hackers attempt to exploit. This means that you need to make sure that every application, operating system and connection is up to date with the proper enhancements and patches. When you implement system and software security updates often, it will limit the exposure your business has to potential vulnerabilities. When it comes to  cyber security in Chicago, IL,  this is essential.

Implement a VPN for Every Connection

If you have networks that are only being protected by generic security then they are going to be more vulnerable to an attack. To make things more secure, consider implementing a VPN, or virtual private network connections in between office locations and make them easy to use for mobile employees who may connect through a public connection.

As you can see, there are a number of steps you can take to improve cyber security in Chicago, IL. In some cases, bring in the professionals for help with this may also be beneficial.

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