Helpful Ways To Deal With Your Irritated, Dry Eyes in Colorado

When your eyes get drained of moisture, you can have trouble with your vision and have problems with your daily life. This condition makes it much harder to be productive with your work and will decrease the quality of your time with friends and family. Here are helpful ways to deal with your dry eyes.

Take a Break From Technology

When using a smartphone, computer, or other electronic devices, you may not blink as much as you should. As your blinking slows down, your tears cannot spread across your eyes as they should. Eventually, eyes will feel dry and irritated. To prevent this from happening, you should take regular breaks so your eyes can rest. By glancing away for 20 seconds, your can refresh your vision. Along with that, you should squeeze your lids tightly to cleanse your eyes with tears. If this does not provide you with relief, try a dry eye treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

Increase the Moisture

If the air in your environment is dry, it will drain the moisture from your eyes also. This parching effect can lead to painful symptoms, like blurred vision, swelling, and burning sensations. You can remedy this by staying hydrated with water and other beneficial liquids like tea or coconut water. You can also run a humidifier in your home to keep the air moist. Suffering from dry, itchy eyes is frustrating and should get handled by dry eye treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

These measures will give your relief from your dry eyes for a while. If you continue to struggle with lack of moisture within your eyes, you can get dry eye treatment in Colorado Springs, CO, from Archdale Eyecare at

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