Here’s Why You Should Consider Buying an Airstream Camping Trailer

Airstreams are some of the most iconic travel trailers in the country. The company began building travel trailers around 1935. However, by the late ’70s and early ’80s, the trailers nearly disappeared. Recently, Airstream’s popularity has resurged, and more people in Clearwater, FL, are choosing to travel in these classic trailers. Here is why.


In the early days, Airstream camping trailers were built to last, and that same philosophy carries over to today. As the only company to build travel trailers out of aluminum, Airstream trailers do a great job of maintaining their value. Traditional RVs and camping trailers lose their value once they are driven off the dealership lot.


Airstream camping trailers are well known for their unique look. With their simple design, shiny metal and mellow colors, these trailers stand out in most RV parks. Although the company offers trailers with modern interiors, they have stayed pretty close to the original design with their newer models.


Airstream trailers are probably not the best choice for people who want to travel around the country with their house in tow. Next to a full-size RV, an Airstream looks pretty small. However, their simple design still manages to provide plenty of comfort and space. Because of their size, they are easy to tow and easy to set up.


Pulling a heavy RV is not easy on any vehicle. A fifth-wheel trailer can weigh up to 20,000 pounds. Aside from doing damage to the vehicle pulling the trailer, an RV also sinks when it is parked on soft ground, and it can leave a trail of destruction behind on every road it has traveled. Although Airstreams are heavy, they are typically at least 10,000 pounds lighter than a fifth wheel.

Most people do not regret buying an Airstream. Their compact size, iconic style and classic interior make them a popular choice among frequent travelers in Clearwater, FL.

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