High-Pressure Water Blasting Safety Equipment in North Charleston, SC

Any time you are using a pressure washer, whether for work or for personal uses, you should be wearing protective clothing. The powerful spray from a pressure washer can cause serious injury when the water is misdirected. The most common injuries caused by pressure washers include cuts, bruises, puncture wounds and eye injuries, which can all be prevented with the right protective gear. Continue reading to learn more about high pressure water blasting suits North Charleston SC.

Benefits of Blasting Suits

High-pressure blasting suits offer many benefits. They are rated for 40 thousand PSI and offer chin to toe protection against injuries caused by accidental sprays of water. The suits are fire-resistant, meeting or exceeding the strictest regulations. They are available in standard and customized sizes so you don’t have to worry about comfort or mobility. You can also choose whether to buy a complete suit or just the pieces you need. You can order high-pressure blasting suits in your company’s colors and you can include your company logo on the suits.

Pressure Washer Personal Safety Equipment

It is important to be sure you are wearing the correct safety equipment when using a pressure washer because of the extreme dangers associated with the spray. Safety glasses or goggles should be used to prevent any debris from flying into your eye. You should wear proper work boots while pressure washing, but if you don’t have work boots, be sure to wear close-toed shoes. Hand injuries are common with pressure washers so be sure to wear the right protective gloves to keep your hands safe. Legs are also a commonly injured area, so be sure to keep your legs covered. A full suit is the best way to stay safe while using a pressure washer.

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