Highly Effective Portable Misting Fans

For industrial uses, commercial buildings or residential installation, misting systems are a very good option. They are often used in residential or commercial buildings on patio and decks to create a cool, comfortable outdoor experience.

In industries, misting systems are typically installed both indoors and outdoors. They are used to eliminate even very fine dust particles from the air, which is particularly important when working with flammable materials. It is also an effective option to combine dust management and odor control. The fine micron-sized droplets of water can be used as a delivery system for chemicals to neutralize odors and to get rid of harmful off-gasses such as methane or carbon dioxide.

Ideally, in these types of applications, the misting systems will be installed in the building or the outdoor area. However, if you need to use portable misting fans, consider a system that is mounted on a cart or a trailer for both indoor and outdoor use.

Don’t Be Fooled

There are some portable misting fans on the market that are marketed as a good match for both residential and industrial use. This is very misleading as these models do not generate the amount of mist required to really control dust or odors in large industrial applications.

For portable misting fans to be effective, they have to be more of a fog cannon that can deliver the volume of mist and chemicals needed to cover the specific physical area as well as control the odor. Check the rating for the fan before deciding if it has the power and the misting ability to be effective in your specific application.

By using a trailer or cart mount design, it is possible to turn these types of industrial fogging systems into highly portable devices. These can be used as needed and are ideal for use both outdoors as well as within large buildings and indoor spaces.

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