Hiring a Fencing Service? 5 Things to Expect

Installing a fence in your home is an excellent preventive measure. You can keep pets and kids inside, keep prying eyes out and discourage criminal elements much more effectively than having your front lawn or backyard exposed to anyone passing by. It improves your home security too, keeping loved ones and property that much safer.

Here’s what you can expect when you put in a call to a fencing company in Bothell:

Get an estimate

A fencing contractor might come by and look at the property to give him an idea of what their crew will be working with. However, you could also take a video or shots of the property and send those along. That should give your contractors a look at what their future project might entail, should they take the job.

Wait for the work to start

It usually takes weeks, says The Spruce, for the crew to start working on your property, though. Whether that’s because they’re waiting for materials or still finishing up a previous job, you can expect a bit of delay.

Determine utility lines

The right fencing company in Bothell wouldn’t want to hit any utility lines in your property so it will hire a company figure out where those are. Then they’ll find a way to work or dig around those lines.

Wait out the installation

The contractors will then come in and put up the posts. A week will pass before they will start working on those posts, this time adding on the necessary touches. Once that’s done, you’ll be sure to have your brand-new fence up and ready.

Be ready for the costs

This will depend on the material you go for and the size of the property, among other things. Do the math early on so you’ll know if your costs are well within your budget or if you need to adjust your fencing budget instead.

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