Hiring A Professional To Perform Pool Liner Replacement In Long Island, NY Is Recommended

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Swimming pools

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Is water leaking from the pool? Is the liner faded? Pool Liner Replacement Long Island NY needs to be considered when the answer is yes to either of these two questions. Pool liners are also replaced when a pool area is in the need of a renovation. A new liner can give a pool a major improvement without requiring the installation of a new pool.

Replacing a liner looks easy. The real truth is a pool liner replacement is hard to perform. Wrinkles, bumps, and uneven installation can leave a pool liner pulling from the sides and tearing. Pool liners need to be snug against the wall. This is performed with a large vacuum.

If the pool has a sand bottom, the sand must be leveled to the edge of the pool. Any wrinkles in the liner will collect dirt and debris. The wrinkles will also make completing the walls to the top difficult. An above ground pool must have enough liner to fit into the track and hold it in place. When the filter needs to be installed, the liner will need to be cut accurately with a very sharp razor knife. If the cut is too large, the water will leak out of the pool around the opening.

The bottom of the pool liner needs to be free of any stones or sticks. These can easily puncture the liner. Proper temperature of a Pool Liner Replacement Long Island NY, is also critical. If a pool liner is not warm enough, it will not stretch into the position it needs to be in. A liner should not be pulled across the bottom of a pool. It has to be lifted and gently placed into the pool. When the water is added to the pool, it needs to be disbursed into the pool properly. The water can leave dents in the pool bottom if it repeatedly lands in the same spot.

Sky Blue Pools in Long Island NY, can install the perfect pool liner for any size or shaped pool. Attempting to install a pool liner on your own is not recommended due to the complexity. The various steps must be followed for proper installation.

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