Hiring a Residential Interior Designer in Alexandria, VA: Key Questions to Ask

There are many things you should ask a residential interior designer in Alexandria, VA if you are considering hiring them. You need to take into account budget, timelines, and style. Yet, there are a few other things to ask you may not have thought about just yet.

Do They Offer Planet-Friendly Styling?

Today, it is more important than ever to have a residential interior designer in Alexandria, VA who can pay attention to the details you need, especially when it comes to environmentally-friendly design. You do not have to choose between style and eco-friendly features. Ask for examples. Look for new ideas.

Does the Designer Work with Older Spaces?

In many areas of this city, you will find beautifully transformed older buildings. For many of them, the best work comes from paying close attention to the history of the space while still meeting the modern needs of today’s homeowners. The best designers can do this for you.

What Do They See for Your Space?

Finally, ask them, before telling them what your goals are, what they see for your space. That way, you can get some insight into the type of work they do.

An Interior Designer Near Me

When you are ready to hire a residential interior designer in Alexandria, VA that knows how to meet your needs, call on Zoe Feldman Design. Our team is looking forward to discussing the options available to you for your space.

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