Hold A Wedding Or Next Corporate Event At Reception Halls In Fort Wayne IN

Entertaining with style and excellence is easy when an individual chooses from one of the reception halls in Fort Wayne IN. A classy and quality catering service and hall can make an event everything an individual wants for the event. A variety or reception halls can seat 100 to over 600 people at an event.

Certain reception halls charge ten to fifteen percent of the total catered event before the catering service can enter the building. In these types of situations, the caterer will pass the cost along to the customer.


The food at any event can make or break the celebration. Delectable foods can be chosen from a large menu of an experienced catering company. The reception hall that is chosen can be designed with food tables that will enhance the atmosphere of the event. A caterer can help an individual choose the right food for their guests.

When an individual chooses a quality catering company, they will receive access to large and small reception halls. The caterer will perform a full set up of the reception room. They have access to numerous vendors, customized food and beverages, and are professional wedding caterers.

Types Of Catering

When the word catering is mentioned, many individuals think about a buffet. A formal set up with china plates and table clothes will be available. Water goblets, wine glasses, champagne glasses, and specialty dinnerware will all be available for an extra charge. A catering company can serve lunch, breakfast, buffet, sit down, cookout, or appetizers.

A catered cookout menu includes brats, sausage, sauerkraut, hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ beef, smoked pulled pork, smoked beef brisket and much more. Sit down dinners can include fresh fruit cups, tortellini primavera, a variety of salads, lasagna, and chicken breasts prepared in a variety of recipes. Beef, ham, and turkey are also available at reception halls in Fort Wayne IN.

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your next event, please feel free to visit us. You can find any type of food you want for your next business event or wedding. Working with an experienced caterer in the right venue will make the event perfect.

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